The disappearance of seemingly “successful” organic marketers here on The Book is down to one simple word:


Here’s the story.

A plucky affiliate appears from nowhere and quickly builds the engagement numbers on their posts into the hundreds.

Fluffy content which is easy to “like”…

Such as motivational quotes and “Happy Wednesday’s”.

Also, the longer, insomnia-curing “educational” content they pump out in ever-increasing volume after staggering blindly into the “value trap”.

None of this makes money.

Yet, it’s repeated up and down my newsfeed daily by hundreds of struggling affiliates failing to convince anybody to buy into whatever they’re promoting.

The engagement numbers are impressive, of course.

Because, leaving a “Great post!” in the comments doesn’t cost a penny.

Perfect for the swarm of fellow strugglers responsible for writing them.

All “motivating”.

All “supporting”.

All “GiViNg VaLuE”.

But more importantly…

All flat broke.

Which is why marketers whose content attracts hundreds of “likes” stop posting…

And disappear from the industry.

They run out of material to write about.

They can’t keep up with the hundreds of “Happy Wednesday” comments they need to leave on other posts daily to encourage the same back in return.

Plus, time consuming “vanity metrics” such as likes and comments currently don’t have a great rate of exchange at the bank of real life.

In short…

They’ve burnt out.

I have the solution to this if you’re an affiliate not making money and typing out another round of “Good Morning’s” through gritted teeth:

My CLOVER Content training course…

Where I share my best six types of post which attracts paying (yes, that’s NOT a typo) customers organically via social media.

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