Yeah, I get it.

It’s only $45.

Those “high ticket” types you see posting mAsSiVe VaLuE all over your newsfeed would have you believe they wouldn’t get out of bed for such a paltry sum.

But for me…

It’s huge.


It’s the first sale of The Walker Way which qualified for two-tier commissions.

Which means the proceeds of that particular sale were split three ways.

The affiliate who made the sale got their 50%.


However, that affiliate’s upline also received a second tier commission amounting to 25% of the sale.

Then, the remaining 25%…

The $45 you see in my picture…

Went to me as the product vendor.

This is proof in action the system works.

Somebody makes a sale…

And the revenue is distributed to a greater number of hard-working affiliates.

Even if you’ve had a slow day on the first tier…

The second-tier commissions give you the opportunity to create results-based content.

Which, leads to more inbound enquiries.

And, it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that results in even more sales being made.

The good news is it’s still early days.

The big-guns haven’t gotten involved yet to sweep up all the potential customers who could have been yours.

But, they will…

Because the opportunity here is too lucrative to ignore forever.

If you want to get started, let me know.