Something to think about before you rattle off your next 1,000 word essay…

I mean, “value filled” status update.

Do you know what the average reading age in the UK is?

Clue’s in the title of this post:​

Nine years old.​

The same age my son is now.

The USA is a little higher, but on my side of the pond, the average reader hasn’t even hit double digits.​

I was first told this when I was about that age myself…​

Some 30 years ago.

So, for all the apparent improvements in education and huge advances in technology…​

The actual ability people have to read words and understand them hasn’t got any better in at least a generation.​

I keep this in mind every time I write a post.

Many do not.​

Here are just a few pearlers I’ve eye-rolled at over the past few days:

A detailed explanation of “how to be at your most productive”…

A heavy discussion on “dealing with negativity”…​

And anything which talks about ‘vibrations’, ‘frequencies’ and ‘energies’ (I’ve lost count of the number of these).​


I’m a good reader – I excelled at school, but if I find some of this stuff hard going…​

Those with a more “average” reading ability aren’t going to stand a chance and any sales opportunity will be lost. 

Despite this, these posts got plenty in the way of engagement… ​

But I imagine it’s like when you don’t quite understand what somebody is talking about, so you laugh nervously and agree with them so you don’t lose face.​

Like this:​


Anyway, if you want to learn all this “attraction marketing” stuff in a way which doesn’t make your audience feel like they’re in a class they didn’t sign up to…

And is so easy, even a 9-year-old could stack up those juicy “high ticket” commissions in the process…

Then kindly raise your hand, or unleash the devil child within and shout loudly in my direction.