Yesterday I wrote about Taylor Hicks.

The winner of American Idol in 2006…

Who, despite selling over 700,000 albums, was dumped by his record label and considered an unprofitable industry “dog”.

Despite this setback, Hicks believed he could be successful.

He knew he had an audience.

He just needed a way to connect with them.

I recommend you check out the post if you haven’t done so already…

But, long story short, he toured with a musical theatre show and in 18 months, hand-sold $3.5 million worth of albums to his fans in lobbies up and down the country.

The point?

Your audience is out there.


In numbers capable of earning you life-changing money.

Let’s say you’re a high ticket affilate marketer.

You’re using The Book to generate leads and (hopefully) make sales.

There are potentially thousands of people at any one time actively looking for the type of opportunity you’re promoting.

Your way to connect with them?

The content you publish.

You’ve likely gone through some training on the type of posts to write and you believe everything is in place to succeed:

The product, the audience and the message.

So, why aren’t you making any sales?

It’s not the fault of the product.

It’s just a vehicle after all, to help others get to where they want to be.

It’s not the audience either…

They’re spending money daily to solve their problems.

Just not with you.

Which means…

Your content is the disconnect.

You probably think you’re doing everything right.

You’re giving “massive value”…

Spending hours writing well thought-out “how to” style posts.

Teaching everything you know down to the finest detail.

Or, you’re writing about your audience’s problems…

In the hope they recognise them and reach out to you for the solution.

A bit like what I’m doing here.

But, why this post will work…

While yours are getting ignored, is down to this:

You’ve overlooked three key, yet easily replicated components, which compel those in need of help to raise their hand.

I discuss them all in a brand new report I’ve just written…

“The 3 Cs”.

I’ll even share it with you free of charge.

If you’re sick of feeling like an unwanted “dog” in the industry…

Begging for scraps from the table…

Drop me a #3Cs below and I’ll send it over.