Yesterday, I wrote about Philip…

Who made six sales of my Walker Way training program in about four hours.


However, he wasn’t the only one who got paid that day.

I want you to meet Garry…

He’s the marketer who introduced Philip to my program.

Why is this significant?

The Walker Way rewards affiliates two levels deep.

So, every time Philip made a sale that day…

Garry received a commission too!

Each second tier sale is currently worth approximately $45…

And Garry racked up six of them which gave him a $270 payday.

For doing, well, not very much at all.

A true passive income.

What’s more, he will continue to earn second-tier commissions every time Philip makes a sale of the program.

Which, for a marketer of his calibre, is likely to be a lot.

The money merry-go-round didn’t quite end there, either.

We also have to factor in another marketer, Paul, who signed up Garry.

Duly, he received a second tier commission of his own when Philip got involved.

Want a slice of the action for yourself?

Shoot me a message for more info.