I had a couple of interesting, yet concerning, chats last week.

Two different friends on this platform.

Both of whom had their accounts suspended.


The common denominator?

Automated software.

The type which adds friends…

Removes them…

And likes and comments on posts at the touch of a button.

Fortunately, both were able to get their accounts back.

One only had to submit video proof of ID…

But the other took a more creative (and expensive) route to regain access.

For me, software is no longer worth the risk.

I hardly use it anyway…

But going forward, it’s 100% old-school, manual management.

My approach to marketing on social media is pretty old-school too.

I identify a major problem…

Such as affiliate marketers who don’t know how or where to find “proven buyers” who are actually interested in their products.

Or, have no idea how to create they type of content which compels those buyers to reach out to them.

Or, how not to fall to pieces every time you have a sales conversation in the Messenger and end up “friend zoned”.

Next, I’ll wrap it up in some kind of vaguely interesting and occasionally useful story…


Then wait for the messages to roll in.

If this isn’t happening for you…

The chances are you’re overcomplicating things.

My new Walker Way training solves the three problems I mentioned a few lines above.

And, you’ll be able to maximise your time spent on social media without having to use any risky software.

I’ve also included a two-tier affiliate program if you’re into making money.

You know where to find me if you want more details.