One of my posts last week received an interesting comment:

“Your content doesn’t matter”.

Not mine specifically, you understand…

Content in general.

Which, is a huge shock if you’re playing the organic marketing game…

Because the words you write are all you have for a new connection to get to know, like and trust you.

Not to mention buy from you.

But, as absurd as it sounds…

I agree.

The concept of “content” as a marketing tool is becoming less effective…

For many affiliates, at least.

You’ve probably noticed the swathes of nu-filliates entering the marketplace recently?

Sporting the same personal branding.

Clogging up the newsfeed with near-identical posts.

I deflect around 10 incoming friend requests each week from the wide-eyed “make $2k to $5k per sale” crowd.

Once you’ve seen one…

You’ve seen ’em all.

(Seriously, how many “fill-in-the-blanks” sob stories about “needing a mentor” do you have to scroll past each day before you find something worth reading?)

Yet, herein lies an opportunity for the rest of us.

You see…

The bar for “quality” content has been lowered.


The unsuccessful majority are publishing more content than ever before.

Content which doesn’t excite or entertain.

Content which doesn’t lead to enquiries and sales.

Content which doesn’t matter.

Setting yourself apart requires less effort than it did a couple of years ago.

These days, you don’t even need to be good…

Just don’t come across as a thirsty rookie trying their luck.


For your content to become the impactful, lead generating machine you always dreamed of…

All you need are the 3Cs.

I reveal what they are…

And how to include them in my latest report.

Which you can get your hands on, figuratively, at no cost.

Plus, at a mere eight pages long…

It’s a shorter read than your average nu-filliate VaLuE pOsT.

Write “3Cs” and I’ll send it over.